Ilha do Fogo, a beautiful and remote island, lies off the Northern coast of Mozambique. It is surrounded by stretches of ocean that is home to a  breathtaking variety of marine life.

This Island forms the focal point of Fire Island Conservation projects, which encompasses marine and wildlife conservation as well as community upliftment projects. It was in 2014 when Robert (Bob) Koski, from Sarasota on the Gulf Coast of Florida, was presented with the opportunity to own this stunning piece of land.

Upon his visits to the refined white shores of the island Bob found multiple poachers and a ‘slaughter house’ of turtles and other sea creatures. He realized the threat they pose to the already vulnerable species around the area.

At first the plan was to establish an up-market boutique hotel on the island. It soon became evident that creating a safe haven for marine life was more important. From then on there have been continuous efforts to reduce illegal fishing activities in the area. Subsequently a couple other eco retreats have been established on the Southern African coastline to help fund the conservation efforts.

These eco retreats help fund the projects on the island. A portion of all their earnings goes back into conservation, they also offer job opportunities to the local communities and help to create awareness about the Fire Island projects.

All these luxuriously alluring lodges offer you the opportunity to connect with nature while enjoying your stay in a secluded, peaceful and private setting.  Of course, along with up-market accommodation, these lodges also offer activities and adventures such as fishing, snorkelling, surfing, swimming, kayaking, hiking and even scuba diving.

Booking your stay with us will give you the opportunity to explore, and protect, the wonderful world hidden beneath the surface. With 150 km of mostly unexplored reefs, a dive with us is a must.

Join us on one of our eco-conscious, conservation-friendly dives into the unknown wonders that lurk beneath the waves. Be sure to book ahead of time, as we can only accommodate small groups of people at a time.

Fire Island invites you to come in with an open mind and adventurous spirit, to experience the gifts of a natural sanctuary.


The adventure is everything! Dive into the second most diverse coral reefs of the world with over 450 species of coral and home to, amongst others, the endangered Leatherback turtle.


Back to the roots of where we come from, that is were the african culture takes us.


The northern Mozambique channel is home to the second most diverse coral reefs of the world.


Pebane Beach Lodge,

our base camp, is private

and secluded with all the

creature comforts.


Temporary beach camp

on Fogo Island – ensuring

minimal impact on the

eco system.


Guests stay in private

bungalos, on the beach.

All rooms are en-suite and

fully airconditioned.


Your stay includes all

meals which are freshly

prepared by our own chefs

making use of fresh,

local ingredients.

  • 12h00 Flight Maputo Quelimane
  • 13h45 Arrive Quelimane 
  • Transfer to Millinium or similar hotel


  • Early morning departure for Pebane.
  • Arrive at Pebane Lodge in time for light lunch.
  • Afternoon: Gear check, dive plan and briefing from skippers and DM.
  • Load boats to be ready for departure.
  • Early morning departure for Fogo Island.
  • Arrival in midmorning.
  • Set up camp and get settled in while boats and gear is prepared for possible afternoon dive/snorkel.
  • Dive “House Reefs”.
  • Dive “House Reefs”.
  • Explore outer reefs at Ilha do Fogo.
  • Explore reefs around and on the way to Casuarina (depending on departure time breakfast and lunch will be on Casuarina.)
  • Explore reefs around Epi Dendron. (Depending on the departure time breakfast and lunch will be on Epi Dendron.)
  • Weather day/Return to Pebane.
  • Weather day/Return to Pebane.

Total Cost


per person
10 nights in Mozambique, air fair to/from Quilemane not included


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One of the best experiences of our lives so far! The people, the culture, the unexplored ocean - so special!
Randy & Victoria
New York - USA


Some of what awaits you...


A country of unparalleled beauty

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