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Fire Island

Zambezia Province

Man is not above nature, but in it.


150km of breathtaking,
untouched reef

Ilha do Fogo, translated as Fire Island, is a beautiful and remote island that lies off the Northern coast of Mozambique. It boasts 150kms of breathtaking, unexplored reef, with abundant and diverse marine life. If you’re reading this, you’ve been fortunate to get the inside scoop on a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list adventure. We are offering a unique opportunity to discover unknown reefs, and help conserve this remote island. We need to learn more about Fire Island’s incredible flora and fauna, with the goal of setting up projects to protect its imperilled inhabitants.
So far, we know that our island is an essential nesting spot for turtles, including endangered green and hawksbill turtles. We sadly discovered that visiting turtles have been at the hands of poachers for many years. Since this discovery, we have initiated our turtle monitoring program, but need help to fully establish it. The project aims to empower members of the local community, with the knowledge and skills, to protect our marine life. Megafauna enthusiasts can expect to see whales from as early as May, through to December, when the southern right and humpback whales migrate to our warmer waters.

" We are offering a unique opportunity to discover unknown reefs, and help conserve this remote island. "

Northern Mozambique is thought to be a migratory corridor for endangered whale sharks and apex predators, including bull and hammerhead sharks. Manta rays, devil rays, and stingrays are also likely visitors to our reefs. With long stretches of exquisite coral-rich reefs and mysterious drop-offs, just meters off the island’s coastline, even the most seasoned divers will be wonderstruck.


Dive into the world’s second most diverse coral reefs, and discover an unexplored underwater world.


Connect with Northern Mozambique’s rich heritage and history, and unique African-Portuguese culture.


Uncover an exotic ecosystem, with over 450 corals, nesting turtles, and countless unimaginable life.

Join us on an adventure of a lifetime

We’re looking for experienced divers (Adv+), to join us on an adventure of a lifetime.
Proceeds from the trips will help fund our conservation projects.

Package Details


  • 12h00 Flight Maputo Quelimane
  • 13h45 Arrive Quelimane
  • Transfer to Millinium or similar hotel
  • Early morning departure for Pebane.
  • Arrive at Pebane Lodge in time for light lunch.
  • Afternoon: Gear check, dive plan and briefing from skippers and DM.
  • Load boats to be ready for departure.
  • Early morning departure for Fogo Island.
  • Arrival in midmorning.
  • Set up camp and get settled in while boats and gear is prepared for possible afternoon dive/snorkel.
  • Dive “House Reefs”.
  • Dive “House Reefs”.
  • Explore outer reefs at Ilha do Fogo.
  • Explore reefs around and on the way to Casuarina (depending on departure time breakfast and lunch will be on Casuarina).
  • Explore reefs around Epi Dendron. (Depending on the departure time breakfast and lunch will be on Epi Dendron).

$3950 per person

Air fair to/from Quilemane not included. Maximum 6 people per group.

 PCR test no older than 72 hours, required for entry into Mozambique. 

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